Mumps Has Spread From Idaho to Washington State

Is Rubella next? The Mumps outbreak actually began in September, long before the Measles outbreak, at the University of Idaho.

mumps vaccine

Last week, the U.S was on edge as Measles was spreading in and around Disneyland, which sparked a huge debate about why or why not people would not get their children vaccinated against these preventable diseases.

Now, Mumps, one of the other diseases that children should get vaccinated against in their MMR shot, has just spread in an outbreak from Idaho, to Washington State.

As of February 6th, there were 21 confirmed cases of the disease, and the cases that have since appeared in Washington State have been connected to those at the University of Idaho. 

Mumps, like Measles, is highly contagious and can spread through someone sneezing, coughing, talking too close, or living in close quarters.

Mumps is a disease that includes fever, headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, loss of appetite, and extremely swollen glands. While curable, it can lead to more serious and fatal complications, such as encephalitis or meningitis, which are all for the most part preventable with the childhood vaccine.

With the eerie spread of Measles and Mumps, it is not unlikely that a spread of Rubella could come, too. If you have not been vaccinated for MMR, it is strongly urged that you do so.

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