Madness In Murrieta: Clashes Between Anti- And Pro-Immigration Protesters Expose Divide

July 05, 2014: What’s happening in Murrieta? Security-enforcement officials in Murrieta.


California cleared the entry road to a Border Patrol facility for three busloads of immigrants, pushing both anti- and pro-immigration protesters into a safety zone.

The move followed the angry demonstrations when a group of anti-immigration picketers blocked three buses carrying undocumented Central American families to a U.S. Border Patrol station in California from entering on Tuesday eventually causing the buses to turn around and reroute.

The immigrants, numbering about 140, had been flown to San Diego from Texas. They were headed to the suburban border patrol station in Murrieta to a new processing facility when the news of their arrival sparked an outcry from the town's mayor and dozens of people.

The protests – that have only intensified since Tuesday – continued on Independence Day as well:


Many of the people onboard the buses were children and women.

While immigration supporters yelled “which part of children don’t you understand,” the angry anti-amnesty mob waved flags, holding placards that listed the following demands:

  • People who have “jumped fences” (illegal immigrants) are not welcome and they should go back to their countries.
  • Illegal immigrant children carry dangerous diseases; they shouldn’t be allowed to enter.
  • The locals should not have to pay taxes for undocumented families.

-      Impeach President Barack Obama who is allowing all of this to happen.

A protester blocking a bus of immigrant children even spat on a Mexican-American singer, Lupillo Rivera.

“And they say that Mexican people have no manners?” he tweeted in Spanish. “That we are rude and like to get into fights?”

Some arrests have reportedly been made but the protesters on both sides will most likely return whenever the buses will come back to the processing facility.


A protester is handcuffed and placed in a police car after a scuffle broke out before the possible arrivals of undocumented immigrant families on Friday – Reuters

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