Muslim Americans Reveal The Daily Battle They Face In Religion's Name

The entire community of Muslims often faces isolation and hatred just because they share a religious label with terrorists.

After the recent Paris attacks, Muslim Americans again faced the wrath that has become familiar in the post-9/11 world. Muslims are viewed with suspicion, are told to "go back" and are even victims of misplaced hatred. This has become more rampant than ever, with politicians like Donald Trump stoking these flames and making up stories about Muslims celebrating 9/11.

Today’s Erica Hill had a conversation with Muslim Americans, to discuss the discrimination they face because of their identity.

"A lot of people seem to have trouble understanding that American Muslims are American," Haroon Moghul said.

They talked about the increasing cases of women wearing hijab, a head scarf, being targeted.

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“Just recently in New York we've had reported incidents of (hijabi) women being spat at, women being cursed at, women being tripped to the ground.” Afar Nasher said. “‘Go back home.’ Threats. It's been a pretty crazy two weeks (since the Paris attacks).”

And as they talked about intolerance, Trump was inevitably a part of the discussion. Talking about Trump’s proposal to monitor all mosques, Farooqui said, “My first thought as a Muslim is let's invite him over," he said.

"I think Donald Trump just needs exposure to some good old-fashioned Muslim hospitality. It would do him good to see that we're not so different from anyone in his political base.”

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