Muslim Family Subjected to Racism on Delta Airlines Flight

A Muslim family's experience of racism aboard a Delta Airlines flight is caught on video.

Delta Airlines plane

A Muslim family aboard a Delta Airlines flight from Florida to Michigan experienced racial abuse from a passenger—with no help from the flight attendant.

Darlene Hiber said the female passenger seated next to her began harassing Hiber because of her Muslim headscarf, shouting “This is America!”

Instead of helping Hiber and removing the racist passenger from the plane, a Delta Airlines flight attendant was caught on video threatening to have the family removed.

“You are at my wit’s end.” The flight attendant said to Hiber’s husband. “You better be quiet before I kick you off of this plane!”

The Muslim woman was forced to change seats to accommodate the bigoted passenger.

“I felt that I couldn’t defend myself or kids because I was afraid of what more they’ll do" Hiber said after the incident. "I was afraid to be called a terrorist.”

While most of the other passengers seemed deeply disturbed by the treatment of Hiber’s family’s, the video serves as an indicator of society's escalating Islamophobia.

Delta Airlines said the company is reviewing the situation and does not condone discrimination, but this Muslim mother's experience certainly demonstrates otherwise.

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