Muslim Kids In The U.K. Forced To Prove They Aren't Extremists

Apparently rights are only for some people. If you are a Muslim child in the U.K., you will now need to prove you are not a terrorist by taking a "counter extremist" test.

counter-extremism test in United Kingdom

The only thing that is extreme here is the fact that this is actually happening. Apparently, the U.K. didn't take a lesson from the United States in the 1950s during the Red Scare, and this is their way of dealing with a few terrorists that happened to be Muslim.

This time it isn't Communism that the West is afraid of, it is the "Islamist Threat." Many Americans believe that ISIS is the biggest threat to America, and in the U.K., it isn't much different. However, instead of ISIS, it is any practicing Muslim, and in order to differentiate between a "regular" Muslim and an ISIS member, they can now evaluate a child's test scores.

What kind of ridiculous things are they looking for in a child as young as 5 years old? That they don't drink alcohol (even though they are 5), that they wear non-Western clothes (even though they are practicing modesty and their parents probably still dress them), or if and how they criticize the government (what?). Any of these things could lead the U.K. to be suspicious of a child turning into an extremist later on in their life.

There goes democracy out the window once more-the way Muslims have been treated by non-Muslims. This is surely something that will be in the history books years down the road. 

So, who really is the bad guy here? 

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