Muslim Scholar Explains How Islam Is Hijacked At The Hands Of Some Religious Extremists (VIDEO)

The video above has been taken from a Friday sermon that took place lat month, delivered by Dr. Adnan Ibrahim in which he explained how the religion of Islam has been hijacked by religious extremists.

“Islam is more or less hijacked; our religion is hijacked at the hands of some of the sheiks, religious trends and some extremists. A new generation of Muslims is beginning to emerge, I tell you I am terrified and I said this more than once, “ Dr. Adnan said during the sermon.

While being sarcastic about some religious fanatics disregarding other people of different beliefs, he said: “We are the best, always praising ourselves that we no longer have regard for others. We despite the servants of Allah and despise all humanity.”

He added:“We have become the most people who deny god’s grace, as if the most who deny god’s grace today are Muslims, we live in their land be it Britain, Germany, hell or anywhere, under their protection and receive their benefits from their tax money and after all that you call them disbelievers and the slightest chance you get you want to kill and slaughter them.”

 “What religion and what jurisprudence is this?Dr. Adnan added, “Idiot preachers, it’s the least we can say about them, this is what they are, I swear by Allah as I stand here from the pulpit of the messenger of Allah they are idiots spreading the jurisprudence of hatred, knowledge of hatred.”

Watch the entire Arabic video along with subtitles above and share your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

Read more about Dr. Adnan Ibrahim over here.

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