Here’s How Muslims React To Hateful Facebook Messages

Their reaction to the appallingly nasty messages isn't what you'd expect.

Muslims Read Hate Comments A daycare at the mosque burnt down. People commented their thoughts. You won't believe the reaction to this tragedy.

Posted by Peace House on Tuesday, 5 May 2015

This Facebook video by Tampa-based production company Peace House shows young American Muslims reading reactions of people on the fire that destroyed an Islamic daycare in Florida.

The comments are disturbingly hateful. There are people cheering the incident, hoping that all inhabitants burned and that all of them should be deported.

The group goes on reading it all in good cheer, though, one nasty comment after another. At most, they are amazed at the obtuseness and ignorance of people who don’t even realize that the people they are talking about little children who were in the daycare.

The video says a lot about how a handful of terrorists and hardliners are not the true representation of Muslims in general. The group of young people in the video, apart from being modestly dressed, is no different from any American – or any human for that matter. It’s not them but the ones who spew such discriminatory and nasty opinions about people of other faith that are the misfits.

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