Texans Welcome Muslim Family By Smashing Their Windows

As hate crimes against Muslims are on a rise in the United States, this Texas family is left terrified and feeling unwelcomed in their new home.

A Muslim family that moved to Plano, Texas, six weeks ago is now absolutely terrified of living there since they believe they are the target of hate crimes.

Ever since they moved in, two instances have occurred where rocks were thrown through their windows. Speaking to KTVT, the family said they believe that people throwing rocks at their house is not merely a coincidence but is rather a message about their religion.

Also, their claim is not unjustified since, in the wake of the Paris attacks, there has been a sudden spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes. A spokesperson from the Council on American Islamic Relations, Alia Salem, also confirmed the same as she spoke to KTVT regarding the incident.  “Right now, we’re getting multiple hate crime reports every single day,” Salem said.

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“More than the damage — it’s not the window — it’s the terrifying factor of it,” the homeowner, who wants to remain anonymous, pointed out. “It is them trying to terrorize us or scare us. The kids are scared to go up or down alone.”

“You move into a neighborhood thinking, expecting,” the homeowner added. “This is just unfortunate and scary.”

It is rather unfortunate that American Muslims are facing such backlash because  extremist groups like the ISIS. The generalization  that all Muslims are of the same mindset is just wrong — one that’s making life miserable for millions of people..

Check out the KTVT broadcast video about the incident, above.

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