Muslim Women Handed Out Roses In London To Fight Islamophobia

"I was so surprised by how many people approached us and gave us hugs. We've had so much wonderful reaction on social media," one of the women, Gulistan Arslan, said.

On Dec. 12, a Muslim was attacked by a man shouting anti-Muslim rhetoric at Forrest Hill railway station in London as part of a vicious hate crime. The stabbing victim is still in serious condition, Mashable reports

"I want to kill Muslims," the assailant yelled during the assault.

Now, Muslims in London are banding together to eradicate Islamophobia by handing out flowers to passersby at the very same train station.

The women held a sign that read,

"I am a Muslim here is a rose

Love, don't hate!

Here is a rose from a Muslim

I am a Muslim

Here is a rose" 

Gulistan Arslan, 23, who participated, told the London Evening Standard,

"A lot of people came and approached us. We met a young lady who witnessed what happened. She told us what we were doing really warmed her heart and that really got me teary. I was so surprised by how many people approached us and gave us hugs. We’ve had so much wonderful reaction on social media. The police were there and they helped us to give out roses too. It was a really nice and friendly atmosphere."

One of the activists, known on Twitter as Iysha, said she is grateful for community efforts, tweeting after the event, "Thank you very, very much for your genuine support! It was the community who participated today, we'll bring hope love and peace together!"

Banner Image Credit: Flickr, Fablenne D

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