Mysterious Guardian Angel Priest Identity Revealed

The mysterious guardian angel priest has gone public

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For nearly a week, the story of the mysterious guardian angel priest from Missouri has captured hearts and minds of millions across the country. Until now, only this artist sketch of the mysterious guardian angel priest has provided any info regarding the amazing figure. Today, however, the mysterious guardian angel priest has gone public as Reverand Patrick Dowling.

Reverend Patrick Dowling is a Roman Catholic priest in Jefferson city. Contrary to the mystical reports of his actions, Downling claims that he did not save the young girl’s life, but instead merely helped calm her until more help arrived. He also looks almost nothing like the artist’s sketch of him released this weekend.

Reverend Patrick Dowling seems uncomfortable with previous perception that he is some sort of holy spirit. The priest insists that he was not the one to save Katie Lentz’s life. Lentz still wished to see the priest in the hospital - a request Reverend Patrick Dowling accepted.

"I told her I'm the priest who stopped by the site and she started to cry. I don't know why," Dowling said. "I think it was the most disappointing moment of all that I wasn't an angel or something."

Downling seems like a good, modest man: exactly the type of man a priest should be. While it’s a bit of a let-down that Downling himself isn’t a guarding angel, the holy overtones regarding the entire story remain. Workers on the scene insist that their equipment would not work until the angelic priest arrived on the scene. Furthermore, there is still no explanation for the 80 pictures taken at the scene that all lack pictures of the man.

Downling is totally a guardian angel priest. Think about it: what kind of guardian Earth angel would ever let its cover get blown? Downling is simply covering his tracks until his next miracle.