Mystery Donor Leaves $10,000 In Gift Box At 9/11 Memorial Site


Officials at the September 11 memorial site in New York were stunned after finding a $10,000 in cash in one of the donation boxes.

Joe Daniels, president of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, said that 99 $100 bills and five 20s were discovered in the box on Tuesday night.

The donation box hangs on a wall at the memorial preview site on the location of the former World Trade Center.

Memorial officials believe the money was slipped into the box between 5pm - when the box was last checked - and 7pm when the preview site closed.

It is believed to have been made by a single person and officials said the bills were crisp and unfolded, as if they have been recently withdrawn from a bank.

Mr Daniels said his organisation was keen to get in touch with the mysterious donor so they could thank them.

Donors names are usually kept from the public, although they are known to the foundation.

Around 3,000 people visit the preview centre in Vesey Street every day, where they can see plans for the memorial and rebuilt World Trade Center.

Kyle Miller, 23, of Bangor, Pennsylvania, told the New York Post: 'I think it's great because it shows that people are supporting our nation.

'And whoever gave it isn't looking for anything in return.'

The fund has so far raised $370million for the construction and future operation of the plaza.