Mystery Or Trickery? Watch Ancient Egyptian Statue As It Spins On Its Own! (Video)

The mysterious time lapse video shows Neb-Senu, a 10-inch-tall offering to Egyptian god of the dead Osiris spinning around in a perfect circle.

The 25cm artifact dates back to 1800BC and has been in the Manchester Museum for 80 years. It was found in a mummy's tomb and contains an inscription that asks for "bread, beer and beef."

Over the past few months curators noticed the statue was often facing the wrong way. But they say no-one has access to the display case.

So they set up a time lapse video. What they discovered is truly freaky. The statue is turning 180 degrees without anyone going near it.

Manchester Museum curator Campbell Price thinks,"In Ancient Egypt they believed that if the mummy is destroyed then the statuette can act as an alternative vessel for the spirit. Maybe that is what is causing the movement."

Redditors are also coming up with possible causes. Here are a few:


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There are vibrations in the glass most likely from an old magnetic ballast in the fluorescent lighting built into the case. When they start to go bad they hum and vibrate. The thing only turns when the lighting is on.


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You can see it turning slightly for a brief period of time after the lights have turned off. Not that your hypothesis doesn't have merit, but it might be a vibrational source other than the case lighting; like the building AC.

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Probably an imbalance in the base of the statue. A grain of sand could cause this.


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Might even just be the vibration from folks walking around all day near the display case.


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Two obvious sources of vibrations; the lighting, as you mention, or the footfall of the public visiting - it only turns when the light is on, hence when people are at the museum.

People stepping on wooden floors near a case like this could easily vibrate it, plus it might provide a higher amplitude of vibration than ballasts could.

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