NASA May Have Found An Entire Ocean Of Water On Mars

If it turns out to be true then our search for alien life could also receive a major boost.

Speculation is rife that NASA has found large reservoirs of water on Mars and it could make an official announcement in this regard during a press conference on Monday.

Named 'Mars mystery solved,' Monday's event will see Georgia Tech student Lujendra Ojha take the center stage alongside senior NASA scientists to disclose his accidental discovery of evidence which suggests that moving water exists or has existed on the Red Planet.

Ojha's purported discovery came after he edited some images of Mars' surface from 2011. To see things more clearly, he filtered out blemishes like shadows and light interference from the photos. Beneath those blemishes he found some black markings which moved forward with time.

In addition to these markings being shifty, they also followed a pattern identical to the one that flowing water does in oceans of our planet.

Ojha defines his discovery as blind luck and says that he wasn't even supposed to study the areas where he found the markings. Instead of immediately making noise, he chose to conduct some more research to make sure it is what he believes it is.

The markings were found in several other similar regions too. Moreover, they disappeared during the winter and reappeared in summer, which further supports Ojha's findings.

If Ojha's hypothesis turns out to be true and it is established that there is in fact liquid water on Mars then it could in turn also mean there might be alien life there as well. More details will be revealed in Monday's event.

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