If It Is Not Aliens, What is Emitting The Mysterious Light From Mars?

Here are four explanations for the light source on Mars that don't involve extraterrestrial life.

Light Source On Mars

The biggest story to come out of the world of science recently is that NASA released a set of images that show a strange source of light on Mars.

The pictures were supposedly captured last week by the American agency's rover on the red planet, and they clearly have a beam of light stemming from the surface.

NASA issued the images for public viewing but refrained from offering any insight to the source of the light. This opened up the opportunity for speculation, and soon,scores of netizens came forward with their own theories.

Before going all ET on you, let's take a look at some possible sources of this mysterious ray of light:


Light Source On Mars

Will-o'-the-wisp, more commonly known as foolish fire or swamp gas, is atmospheric ghost light that is frequently sighted at night. It is caused by the oxidation of phosphine (PH3), diphosphane (P2H4) and methane (CH4), which usually occur over bogs, swamps or marshes. Hence, for it to happen, no conventional light sources or human forms are required.

Methane Plume

Light Source On Mars

Methane was recently found on Mars. While the general consensus is that it's light in NASA's images, methane plumes also look a lot like this.

Volcanic Vent

Light Source On Mars

Mars is home to some of the largest known volcanoes in our Solar System. While an active volcano has never been located on the Martian surface, some experts believe they do exist.

Reflection Of The Sun

Light Source On Mars

Silicon is one of the several elements that are in abundance on Mars. The Sun's light could have reflected off one of these elements and caused it to look like a source of light.

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