NASCAR Accused Of Discriminating Against African-Americans

Isabella Ohlmeyer
A man filed a $500 million lawsuit against NASCAR and its race teams after the company is being accused of discriminating against black people.

NASCAR is known by most of us as a business that governs car racing events, but now, the company's reputation is in jeopardy due to claims of discrimination.

Terrance Cox III, who operates the Diversity Motorsports Racing LLC Company, filed a $500 million lawsuit against NASCAR and its 18 race teams last week, according to TIME.

The well-known auto business is being accused by Cox and his racing company of preventing black-owned teams and drivers from competing in races, which includes the Spring Cup Series.

Cox and his company are asking the NASCAR organization to “fully integrate the African-American community.”

In the lawsuit, Cox, an African-American, complains that his potential sponsors were encouraged by NASCAR to work alongside Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr., two Caucasian men, instead of Cox, according to ESPN.

Cox and his company also mentioned that the organization didn’t allow them to create a black-owned team or join its Drive for Diversity program, which prompted the lawsuit in the first place.

NASCAR officials defended themselves, claiming the lawsuit doesn’t have merit and “Diversity both on and off the track continues to be a top priority for NASCAR and its stakeholders. We stand behind our actions, and will not let a publicity-seeking legal action deter us from our mission.”

The plaintiffs also mentioned that NASCAR is segregated in terms of race.

“Motorsports remain the most racially segregated sport in the United States. NASCAR and ISC [International Speedway Corporation] have been complicit in, and support of, the racially discriminatory environment that virtually excludes African-Americans from meaningful participation.”

The plaintiffs are seeking $75 million in compensatory damages and $425 million in punitive damages.

It’s a disgrace that NASCAR chooses to isolate the African-American community since auto races are intended to be a multiracial, community-filled sport. 

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