National Review Editor Says "Some Black Lives Don't Matter"

Rich Lowry flaunts his racism for all to see. National Review editor Rich Lowry recently introduced the Twitter tag“#SomeBlackLivesDontMatter,” riffing on the influential slogan born in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s shooting.


Lowry elaborated his position in Politico, stating that proponents of #BlackLivesMatter don’t so much “care about black lives” as they do about “scoring points against the police.” That is, Lowry cares so little about Black lives that he literally cannot imagine anyone else doing so, except under the guise of seedy ulterior motives.

To be fair, Lowry isn’t himself arguing that some Black lives don’t matter, so much as he is pointing out the supposed hypocrisy of the media and “incendiary” public, who are frequently in uproar about white-on-black crime, but less so about black-on-black crime.

Black-on-black crime is an issue worth addressing. As is white-on-white crime. If most Black people are murdered by other Black people (a commonly touted statistic in these sorts of conversations) the same can be said about white people. Neither of those truths negate the fact that white-on-black crime is a concern, that it is the most violent manifestation of a systemic bias against Black people.  Police brutality is not “easily mischaracterized as racism.” It is an endemic racism bubbling to the surface, each incident taking another Black life. Sometimes this racism is deliberate. Sometimes it is unconscious. But it is there.


Should we talk more about the crimes Black people commit against other Black people? Absolutely. Does that mean #BlackLivesMatter is a lie?


At the very least, maybe we should be thanking Lowry for the transparency of his racism, which demonstrates what we’ve known all along: Those who, in the face of police brutality, argue that it is the inevitable cost of a nation’s safety,

completely ignoring the fact that said brutality is uniquely directed at Black men

or worse- that Black men, in either their learned or inherent criminality (depending on which breed of bigot you’re speaking to), bring said violence upon themselves

are emphatically, incontrovertibly racist (despite their cries of #notaracist or #notaboutrace).


*Mic drop* 

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