Native American Shouts At Immigration Protest: "You're All Illegal!"

A Native American man shouted down a group of illegal immigration protestors, yelling "You're all illegal!" The altercation was caught on video.

A Native American man shouts at a group of illegal immigration protestors. Be advised that some of the language is less than polite.

A Native American man angrily reminded a group of illegal immigration protestors in Tucson, Arizona who the original "illegal immigrants" were:

"You’re all illegal. You’re all illegal!

“We didn’t invite none of you here!

“We’re the only Native Americans here!"

He's got a point. At the very least, people who support the long-ago immigration of their ancestors but don't support the current illegal immigration and visa overstaying of foreigners would do well to think about why people immigrate to other countries. Surely not all immigration is bad, even if technically illegal? At least if you don't systematically kill off the indigenous people of the nation you are immigrating to?

It reminds me of a story from the Native American author Sherman Alexie, who recalled a man leaning out of his truck to yell, "Get back to your country!" Alexie replied, "You first!" A friend suggested, "Maybe he said, 'get back to your county.'"

I suppose the question I would ask these illegal immigration protestors is what gives a person a right to cross a political boundary? And should we ask, not just why they want access to our country, but why they want to leave theirs? And while I'm at it, if this is all about jobs, maybe you should focus more on progressive taxation, breaking up the banks and other reforms that would improve wealth disparity. And if being anti- illegal immigration isn't about the economy, what is it about?

On a different note, I'm hoping the baby in the stroller the man is pushing slept through all of this.

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