Natural Gas Pipeline Blast Kills Three In Texas

WASHINGTON — A natural gas facility exploded Monday in the US state of Texas, killing three people and leaving 10 others missing, local media reported. The blast left three people dead and 10 missing, Cleburne city manager Chester Nolen told WFAA Dallas/Ft. Worth television. Many people were transported to hospital with burn injuries, the television report said. It did not give a figure for the total number of injured. "There's not a whole lot they can do, until they get that line turned off," Nolen said as television aired images of a massive plume of smoke from the still raging fire at the site. "A lot is going to depend on where the main valves are that control that section of line. Obviously, what's in the line is going to have to burn off before they can get it shut off. So it may be late into this evening when they get the fire controlled," Nolen told WFAA.