U.S. Politicians Come Together To Get Rid of Scheming Nazis

A report that reveals former Nazi’s to be using U.S. tax-payers money has caused an outrage.

An Associated Press report that reveals former Nazi criminals living off American taxpayers’ money has resulted in an outrage by the public. In true democratic spirit, members of Congress are trying to move forward a bill, sooner rather than later, that would put a stop to this.

What everyone wants to know in the first place: How did this end up happening?

The answer is traced back to the Justice Department, which allegedly used the payments as leverage to get former Nazis to leave the country. While senators and representatives of Congress have rushed to announce a legislation that will close down on the loophole that has allowed for this to happen, they are shocked at the same time.

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“Social Security must be preserved for hard-working individuals who’ve earned it, not for participants in the atrocities of the Holocaust,” Texas Republican Xavier Becerra stated.

“Nazi war criminals have been allowed to collect Social Security for far too long, and that needs to stop now. It is simply perverse that these criminals have been able to live comfortably abroad thanks to the American taxpayer. I hope my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will work hard to right this wrong once and for all,” added New York Democrat Sen. Charles E. Schumer.

While it is not known how many ex-Nazis are benefiting from American tax-payers, so far the report highlights four cases. And it is suspected that millions of dollars have gone into their comfortably led lives over the years.

Hopefully when Congress meets in November, this will be sorted out.


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