Leaks About Brian Williams' Serial On-Air Lies Don't Bode Well For The Disgraced Anchor

The NBC Nightly News anchor reportedly wants his job back, but an investigation shows he has a major problem with the truth.

It seems disgraced newscaster Brian Williams will not get his job back once his six-month suspension expires, several news agencies claim.

The NBC Nightly News anchor shocked the world of broadcast journalism by admitting in February that he lied about his helicopter getting hit by an RPG during Iraq War. While he fessed up to that one instance of embellishing his reports, there is good reason to believe that Williams actually has a pattern of stretching the truth.

Per a New York Times report, NBC's investigation team has found at least six more instances when Williams fabricated, misrepresented or embellished the facts to make his reports more interesting.

CNN's anonymous sources inside NBC went even higher and claimed that he lied on air at least 10 times.

The 55-year-old, who has hosted NBC Nightly News for the past decade, is currently halfway through his six-month suspension and was expected to retake his job sometimes in August. But based on these new revelations, it seems highly unlikely that NBC will retain him even though his fans and some of his fellow journalists want him back.

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