NBC Says “You’re Fired” And Dumps Trump Over Racist Comments

NBC is breaking up with Donald Trump completely after his racist comments about Mexican immigrants. Trump calls NBC "weak and foolish," bans Univision from his golf course.

Television network NBC has decided to join the group of people and companies fleeing from Donald Trump’s wave of bad PR brought on by his racist comments that are almost as offensive as his hair piece. 

“Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBC Universal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump,” said a statement released by the network.

NBC says that they will no longer be airing the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants which are co-owned by Trump. He will also lose his gig as host of reality show "The Apprentice", though NBC said they will continue to air the show because it is owned by a media group separate from Trump.

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Trump has come under increasing scrutiny for his comments during the speech he made to announce his intent to run for president wherein he described Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists and pledged that he would force Mexico to build a wall between it and the United States. Expect all quesadillas and nachos to be removed from Trump establishment menus soon. 

Following Univision’s announcement that they would not be airing Trump’s pageants on their network, Trump responded by saying he would sue the network and has made similar remarks regarding NBC.

“If NBC is so weak and foolish to not understand the serious illegal immigration problem in the United States…then their contract violating closure of Miss/Universe/Miss USA will be determined in court,” responded Trump in a statement to Fox News.

Trump additionally retaliated against Univision by saying that no one in their staff was allowed to enter his golf course and resort in Miami. NBC employees may also have to find a different place to golf, but they will persevere. 

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