Nelson Mandela On Final Journey To Ancestral Home (VIDEO)

It is Pretoria's final goodbye to Nelson Mandela.

It is Pretoria's final goodbye to Nelson Mandela.

Mandela's coffin was turned over to the military, after a send-off ceremony by the African National Congress Party in the Waterkloof air base. The coffin was draped in the South Africa flag.

President Jacob Zuma and his predecessor Thabo Mbeki looked on, as soldiers carried the casket onto a C130.

The military plane brought Mandela's remains to his ancestral home in Qunu, 700 km south of Johannesburg.

Accompanying Mandela's remains on the flight was his grandson Mandla, who inherited the tribal chieftaincy from his grandfather.

Also on board were Mandela's old comrades who served time with him in prison.

Following South African tradition, women are not allowed to be with the body while in transit, and Mandela's wife Graca Michel awaited his arrival in Qunu.

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