Look Away, Maggi Lovers: India Destroys $50M Of The Beloved Noodles

Maggi noodles were banned by India’s food safety authorities after finding higher-than-allowed levels of lead in some samples.

What was once the most popular comfort food in India will now be used as an alternative fuel.

After Nestle lost its appeal for a stay of the nationwide ban on its Maggi instant noodles in a Mumbai court, the Swiss multinational food and beverage company is burning the recalled products in incinerators at five cement factories across the country.

The controversy erupted after Food Safety and Drug Administration inspectors in northern Uttar Pradesh state filed a criminal case against Nestle India, alleging samples of its noodles contained “seven times the permissible level of lead.”

Subsequently, on June 3, the New Delhi Government banned the snack's sale after it found higher-than-allowed levels of lead and monosodium glutamate.

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Initially, Nestle denied the charges and said the product was found “safe to eat,” however, later recalled all its products which is apparently, the company has said is “not one of the largest ever recalls not only in its own history, but the entire food industry.”

"The actual recall process from the market is an immensely complex process and a mammoth activity, the largest in the history of Nestlé," said Luca Fichera, executive vice-president (supply chain), Nestle.

Around 27,420 tons and $50 million worth of noodles will be burned in a process that, according to the corporation, could take 40 days.

"These are broad estimates because it is impossible to calculate the final figure while the withdrawal is taking place. There will be additional costs to take into account, for example bringing back stock from the market, transporting the stock to destruction points, destruction costs, etc. The final figure will be confirmed at a later date,” the company stated.

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Here’s a video of Maggi noodles being burnt at a cement factory at in the southwestern state of Karnataka obtained by an Indian news website the News Minute.

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