Netanyahu Blames Iran For Yesterday's Attacks

After yesterday's attacks on the Israeli-Lebanese border that left two soldiers dead and seven wounded, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is blaming Iran. A Spanish U.N Peacekeeper was also killed in the attack.

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Hezbollah fired anti-tank missiles at an Israeli military convoy near the border. The violence was the deadliest in the area since the Lebanon war against Hezbollah in 2006.

The attack was supposedly Hezbollah's retaliation against Israel for an air-strike over Hezbollah fighters in Syria at the beginning of the month. 

Netanyahu blames Iran for yesterday's attack, because the Shiite powerhouse backs Hezbollah, according to Chron. 

"It is Iran that is responsible for yesterday's attacks against us from Lebanon. We will continue to defend ourselves against all threats, near and far alike", said Netanyahu.

Although the attacks left the area tense, the villages along the border seem to be calm. If Hezbollah fighters were to withdraw from Syria (also backed by Iran), in order to fight with Israel, "they could likely find themselves stretched too thin", said Chron. 

Israelis will be hitting the polls soon, and hopefully there will be no more fighting until the elections in March. 

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