Netflix Cracks Down On Australians Sneaking Into U.S. Stash Of Shows

If you don’t live in the U.S., you can’t binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix anymore.

The holiday season is one of the best times to binge watch shows you've been planning to watch all year, or run a marathon of your favorite movies with your family, and there’s nothing better than Netflix to help you do so. Right? Not really ...

Users from all over the world, especially Australia, may have had some trouble accessing Netflix, the leading online TV and movie service, over the past few weeks.

This is why: Under pressure from production houses, the streaming giant has blocked more than 200,000 Australian accounts that mask their IP address in order to access libraries from Netflix USA or UK.

Since Netflix USA has by far the better collection of TV shows and movies and is only available to the subscribers living in the States, its libraries are accessed all over the world by using various circumventing methods. Tech-savvy Netflix fans use the service through Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or proxy servers that changes user’s IP address.

On the newest versions of its Android application, Netflix is now forcing Google DNS, which makes it harder to use DNS based location un-blockers and proxy websites.

Although many VPN users can still access the website, the crackdown might continue until all phony accounts are blocked.

Netflix Australia is officially set to launch in March 2015.

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The crackdown has created a lot of buzz among Netflix users. Read the tweets below to find out their reactions.



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