Netflix’s Sexist Take On The "Day Without Sports" Backfires

All geared up for Black Wednesday- the day with no professional sports on TV?

This Wednesday, July 15, is the dreaded “Day Without Sports.”

Noooo. No baseball game to watch or tennis match to take in? Not even some golf to tide over sports fans?

Never fear, the NYC-based PR firm MSL Group, acting on behalf of Netflix, put together a list of movies to tide over sports fans. But the feather in the cap (or was it the last straw?) proved to be a press release that read, "Men be warned, girlfriends and wives around the U.S. are going to take ‘no sports on TV’ as an invitation to gain some serious TV power – whether by recommending a favorite rom-com or multiple episodes from a favorite drama series. And, women be empowered! Sports will not be there to save him this time."

If either MSL or Netflix thought they’d get cheers for those lines, the resounded boos and merciless verbal slaughter that ensued was probably unexpected.

Jezebel wants Netflix to "shove [their] d*** in a blender."

“What the – I guess women don't watch sports on TV. And men and women don't like watching the same shows of movies, ever. THIS is the TV of the future, Netflix?!? Way to lead – by throwing us back into the past. I mean, how do they think couples live, anyway?” wonders Adriana Velez of CafeMom. 

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There are others out there who feel the same:

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