New Debate Moderator Warns GOP Not To Sound Like 'Whiners & Babies'

Two new moderators set to take on the GOP during tonight's debate say they aren't going to take any of the candidates' nonsense.

Yet another Republican debate is upon us! And since the GOP candidates couldn’t handle the CNBC moderators —whom we admit weren’t so great at their job — two Fox Business anchors, Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo, are up to take over the task.

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The new moderators were interviewed by the Washington Post during which they were asked if they fit the candidates’ requests for “conservative moderators.”

“No,” Cavuto answered. “I understand candidates getting annoyed, but they better be careful about looking like whiners and babies. I see this on the right and the left. I think you can ask very tough questions without coming off like an ass. I think it’s incumbent on us to know and appreciate the difference.”

So far so good, Cavuto! You can recognize when something is legitimately wrong vs. when candidates are just spewing B.S. 

Another great moment from the interview was when they were questioned about their strategy against pushback from candidates for questions deemed "unfair."

"Hopefully it is a fair question," Bartiromo responded. "Look, I’m working on behalf of the voter, that person who needs information to make a decision. If it helps educate and empower the voter, then it’s a fair question.

Right on! The voters should always come first. 

It seems like Fox Business Network has actually chosen two no-nonsense moderators prepared to ask the important questions, keep the candidates in line and address voters' real concerns.

But ... It's Fox, so you never know :-/

We will all find out tonight if these moderators can really pull it off or if they will disappoint like their CNBC counterparts did two weeks ago. Buckle your seatbelts, America!

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