New Dehli Rape: Victim's father speaks out As Her Ashes Are Strewn In River Ganges VIDEO


The father of the student who died after she was gang raped aboard a bus in New Delhi urged for a death sentence for her attackers.

As the ashes of the Indian student who died after she was gang raped aboard a bus in New Delhi are poured by her family into the River Ganges, the victim’s father spoke out.

The ceremony was held on Wednesday, nearly three weeks after the attack that's triggered a wave of protests across the country. Afterwards the victim's grieving father recalled her hard-working and generous nature.

The victim’s father’s identity is blurred for legal reason. He told this to the reporters gathered, "We didn't speak a lot but whenever she came home she stayed in Dehradun. She used to tell me not to worry a lot. I used to encourage my children to study hard and become independent. When I used to say I would continue to live in the village my daughter said she would help to set up a hospital when she became a doctor after her studies."

Five men and an 18-year-old have been charged with rape and murder. The victim's father is backing calls for their execution.

"I support the nation's call to give the death sentence to those beasts. Also the juvenile person accused in the case should not be pardoned. Some amendment should be made in the law to punish him for the horrific act. If you pardon him today he could become a pain for both the public and the government. I say the age and crime of all the culprits should be considered and even if the rapist is a juvenile the punishment should be the same."

The attack on the student has unleashed demands for government and police action in a country where a rape is reported every 20 minutes on average. Two panels have already been set up to look at ways to improve the safety of women. The father of the gang rape victim says new legislation should be named in her memory.

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