Watch Hillary Clinton Respond To A Question About Bill’s Infidelities

A woman at Hillary Clinton’s campaign event dared to ask the Democratic presidential candidate if her husband’s alleged sexual abuse victims should be believed.

All throughout her campaign, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has championed for the rights of sexual abuse victims — and it seems that her stance on the matter led to a somewhat uncomfortable moment during a recent campaign event.

The former secretary of the state was speaking to voters in New Hampshire when an audience member asked the candidate if she believed the charges made by women who say her husband raped or harassed them.

“You recently came out to say that all rape victims should be believed?” a woman inquired. “But would you say that about Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones? Should we believe them as well?”

The voter was apparently referring to a tweet sent out by Hillary Clinton last month.

Although question like this would have soured anyone’s mood, the presidential frontrunner responded without missing a beat.

“Well, I would say that everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence,” Clinton answered in defense of her husband, drawing applause from the crowd.

For those unfamiliar, Willey and Broaddrick both accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault more than a decade ago. As for Jones, she not only sued Clinton for sexual harassment and eventually agreed on a settlement of $850,000, but her lawsuit also led to his impeachment.

Watch the video above to see Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the question about Bill’s infidelities.

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