New Luxury Apartment Complex Is ‘For Jews Only’

A new luxury apartment in Jaffa, Israel is only offering units to Jews, signaling the theme of Israel's racist, apartheid policies against Arabs.

Jaffa Luxury Apartments

A new luxury apartment complex in Jaffa, Israel is only offering units to Jewish buyers — as part of the long list of discriminatory practices against Arabs in the country.

Channel 10 News broke the story when the agency first had a Jewish reporter call the sales team and she was immediately invited to view the property, but when Channel 10’s Arab reporter called for an inquiry, he was told the company would not contact him.  The sales team told the Jewish woman that prospective Arab buyers are put off until they give up.

The project is completely Jewish,” a member of the sales team told the reporter.

In response to the noted discrimination, the Israel Residence, which is advertising the apartments, said, “No documents or recordings [regarding these claims] have been passed on to us. However, it is important to note that this is private land and privately organized for buyers from a similar background.”

The Israel Land Fund has also helped Jews buy property in Israel and the West Bank to “[ensure] the land of Israel stays in the hands of Jewish people forever.

Jaffa has been home to the racist policy of Jewish-only housing as far as back as 2010, when the Supreme Court backed Jewish-only housing in Jaffa. Arabs have linked the wave of Jewish migration into Jaffa and increasing housing developments in the city as part of the Jewish settler movement that has tragically disrupted the livelihoods of Palestinians in the West Bank.

The construction company, B’Emuna, told the Israeli National News that it was developing Jewish-only housing in mixed cities like Jaffa to halt the flow of Jews leaving those areas because of poverty due to the Arab population. In reality, though, the racist sentiment is even more blatant in that Jewish-only housing is a sly attempt to crush the Arab population and drive them out of these cities.

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