This New Miracle Test Can Diagnose Any Virus

The days of multiple tests and expensive hospital visits may be waning with the birth of this breakthrough new procedure.

A breakthrough new procedure developed by researchers at Washington University’s School of Medicine has the ability to diagnose almost any virus with just a single test.

According to a report in Medical News Today, the new test – called ViroCap –has been proven to detect viruses in patients that were missed by standard tests.

Viruses known to occur in the human body are known collectively as the “Virome”.

And According to ViroCap’s senior researcher, Dr. Storch, the procedure of detecting these viruses is known as “Enhanced Virome Sequencing”.

The ViroCap process was proven to be 52% more affective than normal tests in a recent trial.

During the trial two groups of subjects from St. Louis Children’s hospital were tested for viruses using both the traditional test methods and ViroCap.

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In the first group standard testing found viruses in 10 out of the 14 patients. However, ViroCap was able to detect the viruses in the four undiagnosed patients.

The second group contained children with unexplained fevers. Traditional testing found 8 out 11 viruses. ViroCap was able to find seven additional viruses, including those that weren’t specifically being considered as a cause of the fever.

ViroCap’s simplicity and efficacy mean that it has the potential to revolutionize medical science for both human and non-human patients.

Valuable time is spent and incredible expense is incurred in the current system of medical diagnoses. Doctor’s only have a limited battery of tests that they can throw at a given ailment and these tests need to be curated based on what they already suspect the patient to be suffering from.

ViroCap takes out the guesswork and simply tells doctors which virus their patient has with one test.

The procedure is still years from a mass-market release, but controlled human trials are still taking place and may one day lead to a future of instant-diagnosis for doctors and their patients. 

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