New Nazi-Themed Fried Chicken Restaurant Called “Hitler” Opens In Thailand

A Nazi-themed fried chicken restaurant called “Hitler” has opened in Asia.

It seems the Colonel has some new competition in Thailand. A Nazi-themed fried chicken restaurant called “Hitler” has opened in Asia. The restaurant follows a Nazi-chic theme, and proudly features a picture of the former German leader as dressed like KFC’s colonel. Adolf Hitler himself was a vegetarian, making this crossover even weirder.

The restaurant quietly opened last month, and is only now catching public attention after US tourists post pictures of the chicken joint via Twitter and Facebook. One American stated that the chicken inside Hitler was pretty good, but that he was unable to figure out why the restaurant was named what it was.

The Hitler restaurant is completely Nazi themed, and features a number of reich-related photos and statues. At the entrance to the restaurant sits a Ronald McDonald statue which has a Hitler mustache and is giving a Nazi salute. A message on the statue encourages visitors to donate to charity.

This bizarre celebration of Nazi culture is prominent in Thailand, with numerous cartoonish representations of Hitler and the Nazi army appearing around major cities within the country. No one seems to know exactly when or where this trend started, or why it is so popular.

What’s important to note is that these displays of Hitler are not intended to honor the dictator, but instead to mock him for fun. Hitler probably wouldn’t like it if he knew a restaurant in Thailand was using his likeness to sell fried chicken. The Nazi obsession in Thailand is certainly weird, but it seems to be done with good intentions in mind.

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