New Poll Shows Why A Nationwide Gun Ban Is Sadly Unlikely

A recent poll found that wavering confidence in the U.S. government's ability to protect citizens against attacks has led to more Americans opposing a ban against assault weapons.

Findings from a new ABC News/Washington Post poll indicate that about 53% of Americans surveyed said they oppose a ban against assault-weapons, which is reportedly the highest recorded opposition in more than two decades.

gun violence, Why are gun rights supporters worried about bans on so-called assault weapons?

They reached 1,002 Americans through landline and cell-phone survey and also discovered that wavering confidence in the government’s ability to protect the country against terrorist attacks is a major factor in why more citizens oppose the ban.

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Just 22% of people surveyed trust the government to prevent lone-wolf terrorist attacks, while 77% said they were skeptical, according to ABC News.

Although, confidence in the government's ability to stop a large-scale organized terrorist attack proved much higher at 43%, it's still significantly short of the majority. 

gun violence

The findings of the survey, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, point to a shift away from the position favored by President Barack Obama and many others who are calling for stricter gun control measures amid a nationwide mass shooting epidemic. 

A large percentage of liberals and Democrats are still in favor of banning assault weapons, however, the opposing side includes moderates, independents, conservatives, and of course ... Republicans. 

The results come as a bit of a shock, considering the amount of gun violence that has plagued the nation in 2015 and as a result it seemed more Americans had begun advocating for stricter gun laws. 

This doesn't mean it's time for gun enthusiasts to rejoice, though. Crippling fear — not twisted pro-gun logic — is evidently the driving force behind these increased percentages. 

One thing that can be surmised from reviewing the survey is that the government definitely needs to focus its efforts on regaining the nation's trust. 

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