Even Nature Favors Pretty Faces

July 1, 2014: Pretty faces get favors from nature on multiple levels.

Good looking

In addition to all the social advantages that attractive people enjoy over the rest of us, there is now apparently a medical edge they have as well.

A new study conducted by the University of Cincinnati and other research institutes shows that the more attractive people are, the less likely they are to suffer from a wide range of health problems such as asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Not just that, but those with prettier faces also feel healthier, need less time to recharge their batteries and are diagnosed with fewer physical and mental health ailments during their lifetime.

The researchers, whose work is being published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, say that attractiveness may be a marker of good genes, which also signals stronger health, and increases the likelihood of having healthy offspring.

While these trends have been observed in several researches in the past, what's still missing is scientific backing for it. Chances are that we may not ever find it because it is uncertain whether it exists.

That's because it is very possible that this directly proportional relationship between health and beauty might be a result of non-evolutionary reasons.

"People think that 'what is beautiful is good,' and we call this a halo effect," explained University of Westminster's Dr. Viren Swami. "Attractive people are perceived as having all kinds of wonderful, positive qualities, and seen as being happier, more popular, more successful, and so on.

"We also treat them more positively than less attractive people. We give them more social space [e.g., more time and understanding to achieve a task] and we are more likely to help them. This being the case, it’s quite possible that the health benefits of being attractive are the result of this better treatment."

So all you ordinary people out there, if you want to achieve medical parity with your prettier rivals, just stop giving them the royal treatment.

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