This Proves How Disgusting The Pay Gap Is Between Men And Women

This has been a problem for far too long. In 2015, The United States is a country that is both progressive and archaic.

On the one hand, they have taken huge steps in the arena of marriage equality, but on the other stories of racist police officers continue to rise on a regular basis.

Of all the injustices that still endure one of the most upsetting is the disparity of pay between men and women. It is essentially common knowledge at this point that women make markedly less than men for performing the same job. But a new study reveals just how distressing the situation is.


Pennies On The Dollar

According to PayScale – the salary comparison website – women make 74 cents for every dollar of their male counterparts.

This means that men are making over 25% more than women in the middle of this supposedly progressive decade.

The report goes on to point out another, equally upsetting, injustice.


According to the above chart, for the first ten years of their careers men and women’s salaries ramp up at the same rate. However, after that female salaries begin to plateau while men’s continue to rise.


Get Mad

Figures like these need to start becoming more unacceptable before anything can begin to change. If people continue to simply be aware of the injustice without caring about it than the wheels of progress will remain gummed shut by inactivity.

Educate yourself about the wage practices at your own workplace. If you discover numbers like these don’t just say something, do something as well. 

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