Cop Who Threatened Unarmed Man At Gunpoint Gets 5 Years Behind Bars

An ex-Maryland police officer was sentenced to five years in jail following the release of video footage that exposed him threatening an unarmed black man at gunpoint.

UPDATE:  Jenchesky Santiago, a former Maryland police officer who was caught on video threatening an unarmed black man at gunpoint was sentenced to five years in jail, Mic reports.

The officer had been fired from his job after the police department released the cringe-worthy video of the assault which became a part of the ongoing social debate surrounding law enforcement targeting black males with violence.  

This conviction is very important as the justice system has been heavily criticized by the black community and advocates for failing to convict police officers for their crimes that claim innocent peoples' lives such as in the highly publicized cases of Tamir Rice and Sandra Bland who were both killed by police officers who faced virtually no consequences. 

A police department in Maryland just released cell phone footage of a white officer threatening an unarmed black man at gunpoint from last year.

The officer, Jenchesky Santiago, was recently convicted of first- and second-degree assault, misconduct in office and the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence.

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The footage was published by the Prince George’s County Police Department in an effort to better transparency after the officer’s conviction, according to The Daily Beast.

Santiago can be seen and heard shouting at a driver who was “illegally parked in front of a home.” When the passenger of the vehicle tried to enter the home — where he lives! — Santiago began threatening him with his gun.


After putting the gun to the man’s head and shouting at him to get back in the car he says, “I dare you to f***ing fight me, son.”  He was evidently trying to provoke and instigate a confrontation.

The man was calm and did not raise a fist to the officer, although he did not get back inside the car, he calmly put up his hands and placed them on the hood of the vehicle. 

It's almost baffling that as these type of incidents continue to come to light, people are still suggesting that the Black Lives Matter movement is an unwarranted conspiracy and nationwide protests against police brutality are cries for "attention." 

What more does it take to prove blacks are being targeted? No doubt about it, this country is regressing.  

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