New York Post Publishes Photo Of Man Seconds Before Death

The New York Post sparked a controversy when it published a photo of a man about to get run over by a train. The man died seconds after the photo was taken.

The New York Post shocked its readers with a photo of a man seconds before his death. The full photo is below.

The New York Post published a photo of a man seconds before he got run over by a train, drawing heaps of criticism. The man was pushed onto the tracks by a psychotic stranger, and was unable to make it back onto the platform before the train hit him, and dragged him to his death.

The Post, a Rupert Murdoch-owned paper, famous for sometimes being the news rather than just reporting it, has been publicly skewered since this morning when the paper was published. Many of have questioned both the paper's tastefulness in printing the sensational picture, and the photographer's judgment in taking the photo instead of trying to help the man. The photographer, a freelancer named R. Umar Abbasi, said that he was running toward the man and "repeatedly firing off his flash to warn the operator." How this could have prompted the conductor to see the man on the tracks is, to be charitable, unclear.

For the New York Post, all publicity is good publicity, and the fiasco, if anything, may in fact help their sales. This is the sort of rubbernecking delay that they thrive on.

Republished below, for those that choose to see it, is the gruesome New York Post photo.

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