New York's Bellevue Hospital Evacuates its Patients (Video)


The vide shows evacuation of New York's Bellevue Hospital’s patients after losing power due to superstorm Sandy. Operating on backup generators since hurricane Sandy knocked out power. New York's Bellevue Hospital Center was forced to evacuate about 500 patients on Wednesday.

Several other area hospitals had been contacted about the evacuation and were coordinating efforts to provide care for evacuees. A handful of other New York hospitals have already been evacuated due to record flooding in low lying areas.

New York University's medical centre evacuated all 215 of its patients, including critically ill infants, when its backup generator failed after flooding in its basement.

The Manhattan Veterans Affairs Hospital and the New York Downtown Hospital both preemptively evacuated patients ahead of the storm surge. National Guard troops were on hand to help in the Bellevue evacuation.