Newark Mayor Cory Booker To Live On Food Stamps For Over A Week

After issuing a challenge over twitter, Newark Mayor Cory Booker agreed to live on food stamps for over a week, starting after Thanksgiving.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker may or may not run for governor of New Jersey or president in 2016, but he would definitely win “Most Hands-On Politician” right now. The Democrat mayor got into a discussion of public subsidies with a conservative over twitter (where Booker is extremely active). It started with a quote:

Among those who replied to Mayor Booker was "TwitWit" (@MWadeNC), who after the discussion had moved toward public education and food stamps:

Booker replied that making sure that people are educated and well fed benefits everyone, and the two debated over whether this was the responsibility of individuals or the government. Eventually, Booker issued the challenge:

TwitWit accepted:

The two have yet to hash out the rules. The initial idea was to do it for a week, but Mayor Booker has recently said that he tweeted that he has "been challenged by thoughtful people 2 go longer. I will & after Thanksgiving, start."

There are plans under way to film the experiment, and there will be ample media coverage. Mayor Booker is an impressive guy and a savvy politician. He manages to get into the headlines for all the right reasons.

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