7 News Stories You Ignored Because You Were Too Busy Guessing Colors Of “The Dress”

Stories that failed to grab your attention because they weren’t about “The Dress.”

the dress mystery

If you're not living under a rock, you must have come across this badly lit photograph of a dress (posted above) that has apparently “broken the Internet.”

While almost the entire online world was busy guessing the colors of the outfit, a lot of other important news was overshadowed.

These were stories that deserved the same amount of attention but sadly didn’t even make it to the top 5 of social media trends.

It all started on a Tumblr page where a user posted this dress with the caption, "guys please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the f**k out"

The post was soon picked up by BuzzFeed from where it went (crazy) viral, so much so that the website’s editor-in-chief Ben Smith claimed that never before had so many people been on the site.

On BuzzFeed alone there were more than nine articles were written on the subject in less than four hours. People looked it up online so much that search words now appear in Google when you type in “the dress.”

the dress

As of the time of writing this post it has been more than 7 hours the hashtag #TheDress has been trending.


Stuff as nonsensical as this goes viral pretty much all the time – there’s nothing new about this. However, the intense debate that was prompted over the color of the dress was a little off the wall – especially when there were so many important – and serious – issues that were being eclipsed.

Following is a list of news items that you might have missed out on while arguing over black and blue versus white and gold on the Internet:

RIP Trayvon Martin

RIP Trayvon Martin

Three years ago, on Feb. 26, Trayvon Martin was killed in what many call a racially motivated shooting by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman who shot the Florida teenager merely on the basis of suspicion.

Although a jury on July 13, 2013, found Zimmerman not guilty in the shooting death of the teenager, Martin’s family, friends and supporters still demand justice for the slain teen.

While the dress was all the rage on Twitter, there were some users who remembered the third anniversary of Trayvon’s death.

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'Torture Rapes' In Sudan

Rapes In Sudan

A New York Times op-ed co-authored by activist-author John Prendergast and actor George Clooney, titled “Sudan’s Rape of Darfur,” discussed how a genocide that took place in the country more than a decade ago has had a lasting impact on the lives of the people – especially women.

“After collecting more than 130 eyewitness and survivor testimonies over the phone, (Human Rights Watch) researchers concluded that at least 221 women had been raped by soldiers of the Sudanese Army over a 36-hour period last October.”

“The ‘torture rapes’ in Tabit are a reminder to the world that the same conditions that led the United States’ declaration of genocide in Darfur are still firmly in place, with devastating human consequences,” they wrote while calling for action.

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Central African Refugees Face Hunger in DR Congo

Central African Refugees

Thousands of Central African Republic refugees are threatened by malnutrition in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where they have migrated for safety of life.

Doctors Without Borders reported that asylum seekers from Central African Republic – where religious unrest killed at least 5,000 people last year – have limited access to food and drinking water and more children are suffering from malnutrition.

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Thousands March for Missing Ayotzinapa Students

Missing Ayotzinapa

The case of the murdered missing student leaders in Mexico remains unsolved.

“The parents of 43 Mexican students who went missing five months ago have been leading a march in Mexico City to call for a full investigation,” BBC reported. “Thousands of people have joined the protest, carrying banners with pictures of the missing trainee teachers.”

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Violent Protests Erupt in Venezuela and Greece

Protests Erupt in Venezuela and Greece

Venezuela burned again after gruesome images of the shooting death of a 14-year-old schoolboy at the hands of a police officer went viral.

“A photo and video of the student lying in a pool of blood, his backpack hanging over his shoulder, as a man frantically tries to staunch the bleeding and others scream and clutch their heads in horror rocketed around social media,” Fox News reported.

As President Nicolas Maduro spoke to condemn the killing, mourners turned into protesters and unrest erupted.

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Muslim Rohingya Genocide Growing Worse in Myanmar

Rohingya Genocide

Amnesty International released a damning report on the plight on the Muslim Rohingya minority in Myanmar (also known as Burma).

An estimated 139,000 people – mostly Rohingya – remained displaced in western Rakhine state after violence erupted between Buddhists and Rohingyas in 2012.

“Individuals suffered persistent discrimination in law and policy, exacerbated by a deepening humanitarian crisis, ongoing eruptions of religious and anti-Muslim violence, and government failures to investigate attacks on Rohingya and other Muslims,” Amnesty said. “The authorities also failed to address incitement to violence based on national, racial and religious hatred.”

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Gaza Rebuilding Could Take a Century

Gaza Rebuilding

Oxfam released a new report on the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip, claiming it would take at least a century at the current rate of progress after last summer's war with Israel.

"Only an end to the blockade of Gaza will ensure that people can rebuild their lives. Families have been living in homes without roofs, walls or windows for the past six months,” said Catherine Essoyan, Oxfam's regional director. “Many have just six hours of electricity a day and are without running water.”

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