Newtown Shooter Was Adam Lanza, Not Ryan Lanza, Target Was Own Mother-Latest Updates

More details are coming in, some of them contradicting previous reports: the killer was not Ryan Lanza, but his brother, Adam Lanza. Lanza's main target: his own mother.

NEWTOWN CT. Details are coming in about the horrific shooting in Newtown CT at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Reports now say that the shooter, was Adam Lanza, 20, not Ryan Lanza. Ryan Lanza is Adam Lanza's brother, and Adam had Ryan Lanza's ID on him when he was found dead at the site of the Newtown shooting.

We now know Adam Lanza's primary target in the Newtown shooting: Lanza's own mother, who was a teacher at the school. Lanza, of course, didn't stop there, he fired round after round at children and adults in Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Ryan Lanza, 24 was called in for questioning, but seems to have no connection to the Newtown shooting.

Adam Lanza was dressed all in black, and opened fire at children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, CT. Reports currently state that 27 people are dead, 18 of them children. A van has been found a short distance from the school.

The Newtown shooting story is still developing and updates will be coming in throughout the day.

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