Newtown "Starbucks Appreciation Day" Shows What's Wrong With Gun Advocates

Gun advocates are hosting "Starbucks Appreciation Day" events at Starbucks around the country, including Newtown. Not a good idea.


Today, gun rights advocates are holding a "Starbucks Appreciation Day" at Starbucks locations around the country.  They support Starbucks because they serve as one of the few corporations that allow people to bring in their weapons at their shops.  Of particular notice is the gathering happening at the Starbucks located at 34 Church Hill Road in Newtown, Connecticut.  This Starbucks happens to be a 3-minute drive from Sandy Hook Elementary School, where in December 2012, a 21-year-old man who had just killed his mother walked in with a cache of legally-owned guns and slaughtered 26 other people, including children, before turning a gun on himself. 

It would be easy to target gun owners or Starbucks on this utterly appalling and despicable gathering.  But that would be wrong.  Gun owners, by and large, are not the "advocates" we are seeing here.  They are average people, who have different reasons of owning guns, but tend to stay out of the politics of the matter, and are okay with the rights they have.  Even those who are hobbyists are not that political about it.  As for Starbucks, they are a corporation that sets its own policies surrounding what happens at their stores.  There are plenty of other places to get coffee these days, even in Newtown.

The problem here is the gun advocates who are promoting this effort, and everything they are trying to do in relation to that effort.  Whenever they pull these stunts, they make gun owners look like terrible people.  These gun advocates portray themselves as "persecuted," or as crusaders stopping government "tyranny" in the form of a slight modification to gun laws to make people sleep a little better at night.  They want to arm everyone in the name of "safety," but it's more that they want everyone to be the same as them.  One cannot imagine these advocates being comfortable at the sight of a proud Socialist or Anarchist carrying a gun around, to give an example. 

That these gun advocates would go so far as to meet in Newtown, where this shooting occurred, so soon afterward is not a triumph of anything other than being crass and obnoxious.  They represent so many things wrong with the case for gun rights.  There is nothing serious and respectful in the gun advocates' approach as seen here, and they get all panicky when someone actually dares to question whether they should take a step back.  There needs to be a way to limit them while leaving gun owners alone, since they have essentially become two different groups of people.

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