Greg Hardy Nearly Kills Girlfriend - Is Rewarded With Money And Fame

WARNING! This story contains graphic images and text. This man should be in jail not playing professional football.

WARNING! This story contains graphic images and text. 


“It doesn’t matter Nothing is going to happen to him anyway”

This is what Nicole Holder said over a year ago to the Charlotte police officer that asked her why she was crying and running down the street barefoot at night.


According to Deadspin, the reason for all of this was the event that had taken place just minutes before in Holder’s downtown apartment:

“Greg Hardy, a star defensive end then with the NFL’s Carolina Panthers [had], minutes earlier, thrown her against a tile bathtub wall, tossed her on a futon covered in assault rifles, and choked her until she told him to ‘kill me so I don’t have to.’”

At this point, Hardy snapped out of his murderous trance and, realizing he was facing serious trouble, took out his cell phone and tried to taunt Holder into an outburst that he could record and use as evidence.

greg hardy

Hardy's overall goal was to make it seem as if Holder had attacked him and not the other way around. He even went so far as to call the police and make claim he had been “the victim of an assault” according to Deadspin.


An Attempted Murderer Is Rewarded Instead Of Punished


In the months since this incident Holder’s fear that nothing would happen to Hardy have, unfortunately, come true.

“A year and a half after Hardy was arrested and charged with attacking Holder, it’s clear that she was mostly right. Last year, Hardy was convicted of assault in a bench trial, but the charges were dismissed on appeal and, it was reported yesterday, expunged,” Deadspin reports.

Not only was Hardy able to avoid any criminal punishment for beating his girlfriend half to death, he has managed to become more successful now than ever.

“He missed more than a season of football, but went on to sign with the Dallas Cowboys, for whom he’s become a bigger star than ever despite (or perhaps because of) a series of incidents ranging from making sexist comments in a press conference to going after a coach on the sidelines. Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ billionaire owner, calls him a ‘real leader’ who has the respect of all his teammates and inspires America’s Team,” according to Deadspin.

This man choked his girlfriend on a pile of rifles, sent her crying, bruised, and bloodied into the night, and less than two years later he is a leader and an inspiration because he is able to successfully tackle people on a football field.

Something is disturbingly wrong with this picture.


Demand Justice!


Why do we do this America?

Why do we forgive these monsters for their crimes without any type of punishment or display of remorse?

Why do we care more about how many games they miss than how many bruises they leave?

Why don’t we demand justice for the victims instead of turning their attackers into millionaires and celebrities?

This is not a football problem. This is an us problem.

Until we start caring more about who these men are rather than what they can do on the field, we will be left with lesser heroes than we deserve.

In the meantime, these criminals are amassing more and more broken bodies at their feet. 


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