Nigeria Sues Coca-Cola For Half-Filled Cans

How are Nigerians supposed to get their Coke fix with half a can?

In the Nigerian capital Abuja, two half-empty Sprite cans found in a local supermarket created a carbonated explosion of legal action.

The federal government of Nigeria is suing both Coca-Cola and the Nigerian Bottling Company for “deliberately failing, refusing and/or neglecting to comply” with orders over the inspection of their manufacturing processes.

Investigators found Sprite had evaporated from its cans.

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Nigeria accuses Coca-Cola of breaching the Consumer Protection Council Act by the Consumer Protection Council.

CPC stated that, “Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited and its managing director, Mr. Adeola Adetunji, committed an offense by refusing to attend the hearing of the CPC held in Abuja. This is in relation to investigations of violation of product quality standard under the Consumer Protection Council Act after summons was duly issued and served to them.”

The violation of the act could result in both heavy fines and prison time.

However, the most pressing concern lies with the questions surrounding the case of evaporating Sprite – and what kind of potential health risks that poses. 

Earlier this year, the council issued statement to Coca-Cola that Nigeria was not a “dumping ground for substandard products."

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