"Back To The Future"-Inspired Nike Shoes Hit Shelves This Year

Hollywood came up with the idea, Nike did the rest.

Future's Self-Lacing Nikes

It seems we will soon add one more feat to the list of technological prophecies Back to the Future predicted decades ago.

When Marty McFly was seen putting on his Power Laces Nike shoes in the second installment of Robert Zemeckis' sci-fi trilogy, it was considered an outlandish concept for the time. But the futuristic pair of high-tops that have fascinated shoe-lovers for so long will finally become a reality this year, if a report by Nice Kicks is to be believed.

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Nike innovation chief Tinker Hatfield apparently confirmed that Marty McFly's shoes that laced up themselves will hit the stores sometimes this year. And not only would they look just like McFly's famous pair, they'll lace themselves.

Yes, that means there won't be the annoyance of tying up laces or dealing with Velcro. The sneakers' power laces will take care of it.

Hatfield refrained from divulging any information regarding the shoe's cost or expected launch date, but he did pose with a pair.

In case you've forgotten what Marty McFly's Power Lace kicks looked like, check this:

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