No More Military Gear Used By Police In Tennessee

A new bill in place will ban the use of military gear by police in Tennessee.

Police in Tennessee

In case you haven't heard, military vehicles that are typically used for war have made their way to some local police agencies in the U.S.

After what happened in Ferguson, it was clear that a separation between police and military needed to be discussed. Part of this means stopping police from possessing weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and other equipment that is strictly meant for use by the military-and certainly should not be used against our own people.

Now, if gone into action, a new bill would prevent these items from getting into police forces in Tennessee, where much of the gear used by the military is ending up in the hands of police.

State Senator Brian Kelsey told the Johnson News that we need to ensure our citizens "that our police officers are not viewed as the enemy."

More of this discussion was sparked when the Hamilton County Sheriff's office received a $733,000 mine-resistant vehicle-you know, for all the mines in the south. 

Under Kelsey's legislation, even weapons such as M16's and AR15 rifles will be banned for use by the police force.

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