No Question' Of Chad Arresting Sudan President Bashir

"Chad's government has said there can be no question of the Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir, being arrested during his current visit to the country. The International Criminal Court (ICC) has said Mr Bashir should be detained on charges of genocide and war crimes. Chad recognises the ICC, but a minister insisted that it was a sovereign state which did not depend on the injunctions of international organisations. Mr Bashir, who denies the charges, is attending a meeting of a regional bloc. It is the first time he has set foot in a country which is an ICC member since he was first indicted in 2009. The charges relate to the conflict in the western Sudanese region of Darfur, which the UN estimates has cost the lives of 300,000 people and displaced a further 2.7 million. The Sudanese government puts the death toll at 10,000 and says the problems in the region have been exaggerated for political reasons."