None Of The $4 Billion Raised In Nepal Earthquake Aid Has Been Spent

Earthquakes themselves are no one's fault. We can do our best to prepare, and be generous with out aid thereafter. Governmental incompetence, however, is a different story.

In April 2015, the 7.8-magnitude Gorkha earthquake leveled Nepal, killing more than 9,000 people and injuring over 23,000. The very next month, another major earthquake occurred, killing anither 153 or so people and further traumatizing an already distressed public. . Homes were destroyed, families displaced, and people deprived of their livelihoods. Over 3 million people were left homeless.

Nepal Earthquake

In response to this truly appalling natural disaster, foreign governments and international aid agencies pledged over $4.1 billion in earthquake relief aid to Nepal.

It's been four months since, and not only has Nepal not put those funds toward reconstruction, but it's also yet to arrange to receive the funds in the first place.

Earthquake in Nepal

Meanwhile, nongovernmental organizations exercised great dispatch in providing food, medical treatment, and makeshift shelters (tarps, tents) for the injured and displaced population.

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Earthquake Aid

Writer Manjushree Thapa offered the following censure of the Nepalese political system:

"What stood before the earthquake was a government in paralysis with only the barest state structure—the bureaucracy, the security forces—operating as if on autopilot, unresponsive to even the most urgent demands from the people. So absent was political leadership that Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, out of country for a meeting, reportedly learned about the earthquake from a tweet by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi."

Earthquake Damage

It's worth noting that the Nepalese government has been attempting to overhaul its entire political system, which could greatly benefit the public in the long run. In the short run, however, tens of thousands of people are still living in makeshift tents, with no good end in sight.

Nepal Earthquake Damage

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