Woman Sues Casino For Letting Her Lose Obscene Amount of Money

Gambler sues casino for letting her gamble, Internet collectively rolls its eyes.

A woman who lost a staggering £2 million (that's $3.4 million) in just a few hours is suing the London casino that didn't stop her from gambling. Almost as if they were in the money-making business or something.

Nora Al-Daher, wife of a prominent Omani politician, lost the loot playing punto banco at the Ritz in London. Al-Daher says she's a gambling addict who told the casino she wasn't there to play, the Daily Mail reports.

That didn't stop her from laying down, and losing, serious cash. The casino even let her increase her credit, she alleges. 

To be fair, Al-Daher is an admitted gambling addict and she says casino employees egged her on. Addiction is addiction, and it can turn ugly very quickly. 

But Al-Daher is apparently also a very familiar face at the Ritz. In 13 years, she had a £20 million ($34.2 million) buy-in at the casino. It's hard to cry addiction if you're the one picking up the cards every night. 

All of the sordid details are coming out because the Ritz sued Al-Daher after her checks bounced. She turned the tide by suing the Ritz for taking "advantage" of her, according to the Daily Mail. 

We'll let London's High Court work it all out. In the meantime, here's what you could buy with £2 million, which Al-Daher lost in the time you'd go to a concert or see a movie:

The town of Swett, S.D., on sale for the low price of $399,000; in fact, she could buy eight towns for sale at that price


Seats for her and one dozen friends aboard Virgin Galactic's space tourism rocket (if it ever launches) at $250,000 a pop


A Tibetan mastiff puppy, but just one because the going rate is apparently north of $2 million


Six of one of the world's most expensive chest sets, made of white gold and diamonds for $500,000


Pay the annual salaries for 150 fellow Omanis. As a oil-rich country, the per capita income in Oman is pretty good at $23,000. But Al-Daher can apparently lose that in about 90 seconds.

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