North Korean National Flag Carrier Is The World's Worst Airline

Not only did North Korea’s Air Koryo received the worst ranking, it's the only airline awarded one star out of five.

North Korea Airline Air Koryo

For the fourth time in a row, North Korea’s state-owned national flag carrier has been voted the worst airline in the world.

U.K.-based aviation consultant Skytrax rated 600 carriers on a number of factors, including customer service and the quality of in-flight meals, and Air Koryo was at the bottom of the overall rankings.

Even worse was the fact that it was also the only airline to be awarded one star out of a possible five.

Despite Kim Jong-Un’s efforts to revamp its image – ordering female stewards on board to wear shorter skirts – Air Koryo has fallen short of actual quality.

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The airline received such low ratings primarily because of its older planes. Many of its aircrafts date back to the 1960s.

Contrary to Skytrax’s rankings, some experts and frequent Air Koryo passengers do not think Air Koryo is the world’s worst airline. While it has its quirks, the airline has been called “fairly reliable.”

"It's a bit of a giggle, actually. They are clearly not the world's worst airline," Simon Cockerell, of the Koryo Group, a Beijing-based travel agency that specializes in North Korea but is not related to the carrier, told the Associated Press.

Air Koryo flies to 14 airports in six countries, including China, Russia, Singapore and Kuwait.

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